Fostering Talent through the Erasmus+ Program

Erasmus+ is the EU’s programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. With a budget of €14.7 billion, it will provide opportunities for over 4 million Europeans to study, train, and gain experience abroad for the period 2014–2020.  Erasmus+ has opportunities for a wide variety of individuals and organisations.

Dublin, Ireland.—July, 2019—

When Mdcl were approached by Traveledventures (a brand of Travelmania GmbH) about the Erasmus+ program, we were initially very excited to be selected to participate in the scheme but following that initial excitement we had to think what it would mean for us as a company to accept a student on the Erasmus+ program.  First and foremost we want to ensure that the student placed in our company would have a fulfilling and beneficial learning experience within our company.  

As a startup company, we have to respond regularly to evolving situations and that can disrupt pre-agreed internal schedules.  This could mean that support and direction for the student  could be extensive one day and very limited the next. 

Our first goal was to give the student an exciting real-world challenge but did not want them to feel that they did not know what to do next.  In order to give the student a degree of autonomy we devised a detailed work plan, giving the student the resources to complete their primary task and with additional options to keep even the most adept students busy.

The second important consideration is that the student have a social component to their Erasmus+ experience.  Again, given our start-up status and travel commitments, we had to think hard about how this would work.  As we are in an incubation centre, there are innovation staff and other companies.  We arranged meetings for the student within the centre and scheduled meetups with our staff members so that the student would feel part of our team.

We believe the two most important challenges for a company on the Erasmus+ program are the student work challenge and incorporating them into the team. 

With these challenges, in mind we were delighted to become part of the Erasmus+ program and welcome Laura Waredeman of Münster University.  During her first week, she has already proved herself to be an enthusiastic and receptive addition to our team and we are delighted to work with her.

Laura Wardemann of Münster University welcomed by Mdcl’s Seán McMahon

About Mdcl

Mdcl is a Medical Software Company developing a Diabetes Hospital Clinic Management System called StreamLine.  Mdcl, founded by Seán McMahon, Declan Lee & Dr Tomás Ahern, is developing a novel product that reduces clinic administration time, provides usable & flexible data structures, increases patient visibility, reduces waiting lists and optimizes patient care.  StreamLine is designed to meet the actual requirements of Consultant Endocrinologists.  It is designed so that consultants can run their clinic the way they want to run it.

Mdcl’s StreamLine platform, (which is currently being trialed by an Irish Hospital), will revolutionize diabetes healthcare delivery.  The company is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.  To discover more, visit

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